Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas!  

I bet you are very excited for Christmas!  My Reindeer are getting ready for the long trip around the world.  They have been eating extra hay so they have enough energy to get me to everyone's house quickly so that I can deliver all the gifts in 1 evening! Silly Rudolph keeps getting his harness and standing in the front of my sleigh waiting for me to put him in it and hook him up.  I think he is really excited to come see you!  Don't forget to leave out some carrots for the reindeer so they have the extra boost of energy to make it through the trip... cookies and milk for me if you have them are always nice! My favorite is Chocolate Chip by the way.  

I look forward to seeing you Christmas Eve!  Make sure you continue the good behavior, you know I can see you on my Naught or Nice Globe-O-Meter 2000 so make sure you make my Nice List!

Mama keeps telling me I need to eat more so I fit in my suit in case I am spotted.  

My elves have worked very hard this year making all kinds of toys and have already started packing my sleigh. Good thing I have a lot of Magic to hold all those gifts up!  There are a lot of Nice children on my list this year.... very few Naughty!  

Make sure you send me a letter, I really enjoy reading them and seeing how much you have grown since last year!  

Well, time to get Rudolph away from the sleigh again and take him out back to play in the snow.  I will see you on Christmas Eve!  Be Good! 


Pepperell Santa

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